Order A Crab Or Lobster, Live or Cooked

Freshly Landed Shell Fish Available at Fern Pit Cafe. Call To Order: 01637 873181

Fresh Crab and Lobster.

Available to view at the ferry boathouse are live lobsters and crabs caught by our own fishing boat Excelsior
in the waters around the North Cornwall coast, up to 30 nautical miles from Newquay Harbour.

These can be bought live or they can be cooked to order, ready to eat at home or on the beach. We can offer advice on how to cook the fish or cook it for you.

It’s great to be able to get crabs cooked for you, makes it so easy and hassle free!
Duncan Wallace

Come and choose your lobster or crab or you can ring up and order, arranging a collection time.

If you would like us to cook it for you we require at least 1 hours notice. Last orders of the day 5pm.

Call: 01637 873181


Live:  £26/kg = £11.81/lb

Cooked: £29/kg = £13.18/lb


Live: £7.00/kg = £3.12/lb

Cooked: £10.00/kg = £4.45/lb

Prices For Crab & Lobster

All shellfish are subject to availability. We usually have plenty in stock but you can always call to check.

For an idea, the cost of a cooked lobster for two people would be around £24
(1 3/4lb cooked lobster).

The average size of lobsters we usually have in are between 1lb 2oz and 2lb but sometimes we may have bigger lobsters too.

A cooked crab for two people would cost around £10

Call: 01637 873181